Salomon Kapetas

Expatriated to the US since 1997, Salomon Kapetas is the co-founding Partners of ORCOM US, a Firm established in the Financial District of Manhattan. Educated in accountancy in the prestigious “Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers de Paris », Salomon Kapetas started his professional carrier by major NY auditing Firms. Licensed to practice and represent clients (...)

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Frederic V. Blanchard

Frédéric Victor Blanchard is co-founder of the company ORCOM US, where he assists individuals and corporations in their US tax needs. His main expertise is International Taxation and assisting European companies in their business developments. M. Blanchard is « expert-comptable diplômé » in France (French CPA) and has obtained a Master degree in Accounting and (...)

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Sandra Mekam

“Having lived and worked in different continents and many countries is a privilege” according to Sandra. Originally from Cameroon, Sandra moved to France to pursue her graduate studies in corporate finance. Subsequently, she worked in an international environment, notably in consulting within CAC 40 companies and in financial auditing in various business sectors. In search (...)

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